Béryllium: official video

Extract from the concert to introduce Beryllium CD at Arsonic (Mons) on 19 October 2023 Authors: Michel Lysight (musique) et Alain Van Kerckhoven (poèmes)Musicians: Yuhmi Suke Iwamoto (soprano), Lionel Bams (piano), Jean-Frédéric Molard (violin I), Red Gjeci (violin...

Jump for clarinet and piano is published

Jump (2019) for clarinet and piano is published by Alain Van Kerckhoven Editeur. It was composed for Julien Elleouet (clarinet) and Xavier Locus (piano). ​

Concerto Grosso is published

Concerto Grosso (2023) for clarinet, bassoon or bass clarinet, harp and string orchestra is published by Alain Van Kerckhoven Editeur. It is composed for a new CD (available in 2024), with Jean-Marc Fessard (clarinet), Mavroudes Troullos (bassoon), Rachel Talitman...

New CD: Seas8ns

Seas8ns presents "Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas", "MIlonga del trovador" and "Libertango" from Astor Piazzolla and my personal vision of "Four Seasons" (https://www.newconsonantmusic.com/catalogue/four-seasons/). Label Antarctica AR 042. This CD is performed by...

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New CD: Patchwork

Patchwork presents new contemporary belgian pieces around piccolo. "Transitions" is composed for piccolo (or flute), saxophone (or clarinet) and piano (Label Et'cetera KTC1794). This CD is performed by Peter Verhoyen (piccolo), Nele Tiebout (saxophone), Benoît...

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New CD: Trois Croquis for cello and piano

Music for cello and piano is an homage to the great cellist Aleksander Khramouchin. It presents a beautiful version of my "Trois Croquis" and many others "classics" for cello and piano.(Label Et'cetera KTC 1802) Aleksander Khramouchin, celloÉliane Reyes, piano

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Imagine music that, from the very first listen, touches you to the very depths of your being. Michel Lysight’s compositions, some of which are dedicated to me, are moments of beauty in an anxious world.

Ronald Van Spaendonck


The greatest quality of a composer is to go deep within himself to find what he has to express in a sincere, impudent process, that of the furrow of his music that he digs without respite like Sisyphus rolling his stone. Michel Lysight’s furrow is the rhythm, the counterpoint, the new consonance that he organises in a music that is inspired, luminous, sincere and endearing, making him a remarkable composer.

Jean-Marc Fessard

clarinettist, Royal Conservatory of Brussels

Michel Lysight is a master in the art of creating fascinating rhythmic cogs within which irresistible melodies coiled in subtle harmonic interweavings develop. It’s a joy to listen to his music, and a joy to conduct it!

Jean-Paul Dessy

composer, conductor of the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles

The humanity that permeates his works, his personal language that is instantly recognisable, his sense of melody that is inspired by the past but resolutely turned towards the future – all this gives me, and will give me for a long time to come, the immense pleasure that I get from performing Michel Lysight’s music.

Jean-Frédéric Molard

concertmeister, Orchestre royal de Chambre de Wallonie

I came to contemporary music through a chapel other than that of Michel Lysight. This was at a time when membership of one school or another was a matter of life and death. Over the years, I was first struck by the number of artists who admired and defended his music; then I got to know the man and the composer. A man who stood tall in a sometimes hostile musical world. An artist who had the courage never to give in to the surrounding injunctions and to remain true to his convictions.

Camile De Rijck

producer, Musiq’3

Michel Lysight invents captivating music, working in particular on rhythm, harmonic colours and melodic expression, taking account of the performers’ abilities while pushing them to go ever further. It’s rare to find this essential tripod: an artistically intelligent creation that satisfies and uplifts both the audience and the performers.

Laurent Fack

Managing Director, Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie

Among the Belgian composers of the 21st century, Michel Lysight stands out for the rich colours and rhythms that are the hallmark of his creative inspiration, where poetic expression is always present.

Francis Orval

horn player

Michel Lysight’s music reveals an aesthetic path that reconciles tradition and modernity, creating his own language of sound, winking at postmodernism and transcending the polarities of the avant-garde of modernism.

Antonio Eduardo Santos


To open a score by Michel Lysight is to be sure of bursts of music that encourage you to go further and further in the study of his intoxicating, rich and limpid compositions.

Antoine Acquisto

solo trumpet, Royal Opera from Wallonia

Although Michel Lysight’s compositions are based on minimalism, they are resolutely freed from it by an alchemy for which he holds the secret, a blend of playful counterpoint, melodic spontaneity and an ever-renewed rhythmic pulse. Sometimes meditative in nature, his music also ventures to share deep emotion, but is often bursting with energy and humour!

Anthony Girard

composer, professor at the CNSMDP and the CRR de Paris

The new consonant music movement is the future of modern composition, and Michel Lysight is its perfect representative, both innovative and heartfelt.

Éliane Reyes

pianist, professor at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles