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  1. Michel says:

    Dear Bavo,
    I am very happy to read your message about my music (I apologize for my very bad english, sorry) and if you want other informations, I will answer as soon as possible. Yes, I would like to compose film music, but I don’t connections in this « milieu » and it’s difficult without that. But, who knows ?
    Best regards
    Michel Lysight

  2. Bavo Defurne says:

    Dear Mr. Lysight,
    I have recently discovered your work ‘Ripple Marks’ , then went on dicovering more of your work. Thank you for the great music! The airy, light subtle tones cut deeper than one would imagine.
    I am an avid listener of music from Mozart over Shubert to Arvo Pärt, and you music is a worthy new discovery in my collection.
    Have you got any ambitions in the fine art of film composing?
    Best regards,
    Bavo Defurne
    P.S. I once talked about my favourite music on Klara: next time, I would definately select your work in the collection. You can still listen here:

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